Victorfone works as a wireless signal receiver and sender. Victorfone ensures your ability to communicate – speech and data.

Once the Victorfone App – Zoiper is installed, you simply make and receive wireless calls via the Victorfone. Everything works automatically, with no form of user involvement.

Victorfone connects to the mobile network via antenna and is therefore independent of PSTN, ADSL and optical fiber connections. Victorfone requires a SIM-card, with data subscription, that is approved for use in all EU countries. Victorfone can be used in your home, summer house, boat, car and camper. Victorfone communicates through wireless technology based on low radiation.

Facts about Victorfone
  • Supports 2G and 3G mobile networks
  • Supports Wi-Fi network
  • Supports both speech and data
  • Can be connected to outdoor antenna systems – both mobile and Wi-Fi
  • Access to Victorfone from app
  • Build-in PBX
  • Built-in battery 3.6V
  • Power supply 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 350mA
  • 12.0 V DC / 1000 mA
Main functions of

the Victorfone

Victorfone GoIP function enabling calls from a VolP network to a GSM network and vice versa. The Victorfone GolP unit has a build-in SIM card reader. Therefore, Victorfone can function as an access point to the internet. Wi-Fi function creates  a connection between a Wi-Fi-connected unit and the Victorfone.  PBX function manages rerouting calls among the individual units connected to the Victorfone Gateway and the Victorfone GoIP. 

Main functions of

the Victorfone

Main functions of

the Victorfone

Firmware is software to control the various hardware elements and modules of the Victorfone. Embedded software, including handling of various Codec – GSM, Volp, SIP server facilities – and access to WiFi, to the GSM network. The software also manages rerouting between units, error handling, etc.

Browser access to the Victorfone Gateway, which is the users’ access to the set up of the Victorfone gateway. Access is placed as a layer on top of the embedded software, including login, PUKlPIN codes, user profiles, set up of PBX facilities such as, set up of call chains from the Victorfone gateway, set up of the telephone messaging system, the signal adjustment system, updating software and handling GSM codes, such as forwarding and return.

App-software ensuring utilization of smartphone resources in regard to the Victorfone Gateway, including: 

  • Choice of Wi-Fi

  • Access to contact information 

  • Loading of Victorfone dialer 

  • Automatic management of GSM codes 

  • Various notifications 
  • User access to browser 
  • Access to Victorfone browser 
  • Access to messaging system 

Victorfone antenna systems

The antenna systems are in part a Wi-Fi antenna system adjusted to Wi-Fi band 2.4 GHz and installed exter­nally, in part a GSM/UMTS antenna system adjusted to GSM GSM850, EGSM900, GSM1800, PCS1900 and UMTS WCDMA 900MHZl2100MHZ, and in part an exchangeable external antenna system that can be Re­ placed with a cable-connected antenna (SMA) antenna (outdoor and indoor).

Simultaneous lower cell radiation
The Victorfone communicates via Wi-Fi. This means that the level of electromagnetic radiation is considerably lower when you talk on the mobile phone via a Victorfone than via the mobile phone antenna. This bonus en­ables you to minimize the risk of cell radiation from the mobile phone.

Victorfone antenna systems