In this FAQ, you can read all relevant questions about the Victorfone.

The use of
the Victorfone

What if there is absolutely no signal?

Normally, if you place the Victorfone right and adjust it to receive the signal optimally, it can catch a relatively weak signal. If there is an extremely weak signal, a Victorfone can obtain it if an outdoor antenna is attached to it.
If there is no signal at all therefore Victorfone can’t connect to it. The yellow LED light on the front shows the strength of the signal – see the FAQ concerning LED lights.

Where in my house do I have to place the Victorfone?

You have to find the best signal in your house and place the Victorfone there. The best solution is to put it on a high spot close to the ceiling or in the attic if your home has one.
Avoid putting it in front of a low energy window glass. Low energy window glass prevents the radio frequencies to enter the house. If you have such home, the best solution is to install an outdoor antenna.
Install the Victorfone at a central position of your house, this way you will have the best effect from the Wi-Fi network. If you can’t do that, you can strengthen the signal by buying a Victorfone extender.
Avoid installing the Victorfone in your basement.

How many users can be connected to the Victorfone at the same time?

Up to 20 users can be registered, but only one at a time can use the GSM connection(making or receiving a call). All the other users can simultaneously use the internet connection and the only limit here is the speed of the connection.

What about data connection?

A Victorfone supports 2G and 3G network, which means that a Victorfone uses data connection over UMTS network. When you are using the Victorfone as a data router there is theoretically no limit on the number of users, but the speed of the 3G connection will be a limitation.

What about the incoming call, which number will receive this call?

Without call chain activated: The call will be received by the first user of the Victorfone.
With the call chain activated: The incoming caller will be asked to write the number of the person he/she want to contact. When they type this number, the Victorfone will direct the incoming caller to that number. If he/she is not answering, the incoming caller will be directed to the first number in the chain and so on.

What if there is no one to pick up the phone?

If there is no one taking the phone, and the chain isn’t activated the caller can be directed to the Victorfone voicemail, if the function is on. The caller can leave a message on the voicemail and the owner of the Victorfone will receive a notification that the caller have left a message. If the owner doesn’t want to use the voicemail, he has the opportunity to disable the function.

Is it possible to have the same number on the smartphone and the Victorfone?

Yes, it is possible, but it depends on your operator. For example, In Denmark, Telenor offers a double SIM-card solution, where you have 2 SIM-cards with the same number. One of the SIM-cards is the primary card and the other is a secondary card. You can divert between the 2 numbers, but if you don’t do anything, the call will be diverted to the primary card and if that card is unreachable, it will automatically divert to the secondary card.

If I have a double SIM-card solution what about the voicemail?

You only have one voicemail shared between the two cards. You can call your voicemail from both cards.

How to change the PIN code in the Victorfone?

Download guide on how to change your PIN code in the Victorfone.

How to upgrade to a new version of the Victorfone software?

Go to our Download page and find versions to download.


Installation of your victorfone in your house, sommer house or other houses.

Please read the instruction how to install the Victorfone and when you have downloaded the Victorfone app, please read the instruction in the app to finish the installation.

If you would like to have the installation guide in another language then English, please find it on www.victorfon.com and download in another language. You will find the installation guide in danish, english, norwegian, swedish and german.

Do I need a SIM card to use the Victorfone?

Yes, you will need a standard SIM card to be placed in the Victorfone. Your SIM card has to support both voice and data. Some operators offer a double SIM card solution. You can use the second card for your Victorfone.

Remember that you can’t use just a data SIM card from a tablet, this is so because it doesn’t support voice.

What if you type the IP address and the browser does not appear?

If the installation browser doesn’t show up, first check if you are connected to the internet. If you are then press the reset button on the back of the Victorfone for 10 seconds when the Victorfone is powered, release it and wait. Then turn off the Victorfone and then switch it back on again. The Victorfone has now been reset and the browser should appear. 

How do I insert the SIM card? Could it be done wrong?

You have to insert the SIM card in the SIM card reader on the back of the Victorfone. When you insert the SIM card, you must not feel too much resistance, as you may have inserted the card incorrectly. There is a small drawing on the Victorfone, on which side to insert it. Beware not to put the SIM card on top of the SIM card reader. 

If you wish to remove the card, simply push it and it will automatically get out (it will click out).


Installation of your Victorfone in your home, office or summer house.

Please, read the instructions in the box on how to install the Victorfone and how to download the Victorfone app – Zoiper. 

For more in-depth explanation check the installation guide on the website under the menu “Downloads”. It is found in English, German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Outdoor Antennas

Mounting a Victorfone in a car

How to install an outdoor antenna ?

First, find the best location for your outdoor GSM antenna. If you are buying a directional antenna, you have to make sure that it will be facing the nearest mobile mast of your operator. You can find the position of the mast at your mobile operator’s website or if your country has a central mast database.
Second, mount the antenna on the highest possible position.
Remove the existing 3G antenna from your Victorfone.
Connect the outdoor antenna cable on the 3G SMA connector on the Victorfone.
Now, the signal should be good.

I have bought an antenna from another supplier, can I use that on my Victorfone.

Yes, you can use that as long as it is an 2G/3G antenna with a SMA connection.

The difference between the antennas is that the Victorfone one is optimized for the Victorfone device.

Is their any problem using a boat antenna on a Victorfone?

No, but you must be aware about issues such as galvanic corrosion on the boat.

What antenna do I have to use for a car?

That depends on your car. There are some points that should be taken into consideration.

If the Victorfone is placed on the rear shelf and your car isn’t equipped with metal based sun protection build into the window glass, you can just use the build-in antenna on the Victorfone. The same situation is, if you have a build-in radio antenna in the window glass.

If your car is equipped with metal based sun protection build into the window glass, you have to purchase an outdoor car antenna to have the best coverage. 

a Victorfone in a car

LED lights on the front

What does the Yellow LED light mean?

If there is no SIM, the LED light will be turned off.
if there is no service, EX: ON:OFF=300ms/300ms –  it means that it is blinking extremely fast.
If wcdma signal is weak, the LED light will be ON 1 second and then OFF 1 second.
If wcdma signal is medium, the LED light will be ON 1 second and then OFF 2 second.
If wcdma signal is GOOD, the LED light will be ON 1 second and then OFF 3 second.

What does the Green LED light mean?

The green LED light shows that you have connected your Victorfone to the main power. If there is no light, you will rely on the remaining power of the battery inside the Victorfone. 

What does the Red LED light mean?

The red LED light shows, that the Victorfone is charging. If there is no light, then the battery is fully charged or the Victorfone is not connected to any power. The Internal rechargeable battery contains power for 1-2 hours.

What does the Blue LED light mean?

The blue LED light shows the Wi-Fi activity. The blue LED light is lighting during start-up, it will be off after start-up and will flash when connected.

LED lights on the front

Where can I
buy a Victorfone?

Where can I buy a Victorfone?

In Denmark Victorfone can be ordered from BedreSignal or purchased through the Victrofone’s online store.

Soon Victorfone will be available on the European Amazon.

Click on retailers to see where the Victorfone is available.


Which wireless telephone technology does Victorfone support?

Right now the focus is on the voice part, so Victorfone supports both 2G and 3G. 

Which Wi-Fi technology does Victorfone support?

Victorfone supports 2.4 mhz Wi-Fi network.

Can you adjust the signal from the Wi-Fi?

Yes you can adjust the signal from 1-20 dB.

What can you do whit the build-in PBX?

If you activate the PBX you can set-up a call chain in your Victorfone and a common voicemail.

Can I use another independent SIP dialer to access my Victorfone?

Yes, you can use another SIP dialer, but you still have to be accepted as a user on the Victorfone from the administrator.

If you use another SIP dialer, there will be some functions that you are prevented from using and Victorfone can’t guarantee the quality of the voice in such solution.

Can I change to another channel in the Victorfone?

Yes, you can change to another channel in your Victorfone like all other Wi-Fi routers.

Can I charge a smartphone with the build-in USB in the Victorfone?

No, you can only use the build-in USB connection on your Victorfone to update the software, or connect it to your PC.



How do you activate Low radiation on the Victorfone?

The Victorfone uses two antennas, one for 2G/3G and one for Wi-Fi. When you receive a call you phone only uses Wi-Fi signal, which emits very low radiation.
To activate the low radiation you simply place your phone on flight mode and then turn on the WI-Fi. The Wi-Fi antenna will be the only one that is active on your smartphone and the radiation will be low.
You can also adjust the radiation level on your Victorfone by changing the Wi-Fi signal level from 1-20 dB. Remember that if you adjust this level, you will reduce signal propagation.


Is it possible that someone else could have access to the Victorfone without the app?

You have to be defined as an user to access the Victorfone and you have to be approved by the owner and administrator of the Victorfone.

You can always use the Victorfone as a data router if you know the router password.

Is my Wi-Fi and mobile data secure?

Yes. You are only using Wi-Fi protocol from your smartphone to your Victorfone. From the Victorfone you are using mobile network protocols to both voice and data.


of apps

What if my Zoiper disappears when the screen is off, then I do not receive calls?

You have to setup Zoiper to be awake when your screen goes to a sleep mode.

Open the Zoiper app, press on “Settings” or “Config”, depending on your operational system (IOS or Android), then click on “Incoming calls”, and turn on the “Force background” and “Wi-Fi Keep Alive” modes.

Do you have to change the dialers if you want to call through Victorfone?

If you are using Android, no, you can integrate the dialer from the Zoiper app.

Go into the Zoiper app, then press on “Config”, after that “Advanced”, find “Dialer Integration” and turn it on.

If you are using IOS, then yes, you have to use only the Zoiper app, when you want to make a call through the Victorfone.