The Story

Victorfone is a Danish-owned company, invented by Rodams and established in late 2014. The development of Victorfone is financed by SDI (Syddansk Innovation A/S) and Innovation Fund Denmark.

Danish invention

Victorfone Gateway is a new way of getting better coverage on your smartphone. We are working on the development of a different product, which can give your mobile phone, coverage in areas where the voice and data signals are low.

Victorfone is a new Danish invention that works as a wireless signal receiver and sender. Victorfone ensures that you will be able to communicate – speech and data – with everyone at all times, regardless of your geographic location.

Once the Victorfone App – Zoiper, is installed, you can simply make and receive wireless calls via the Victorfone. Everything works automatically and with no form of user involvement.

Financial partner and board

SDI (Syddansk Innovation A/S) | i-makers A/S | Karsten Ries Holding ApS | Innovation Force Holding ApS | Rodams Holding ApS